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18 April 1917; Wednesday

Up at 7 o’clock and on duty as usual. Went with Harvey to a bible class at La Clytte Y M at night. Very nice little meeting. The leader reminded me of Mr Mullins1. He took our names and made a big fuss.

  1. Mr Mullins: A preacher (possibly lay preacher) from the South Durham Street United Methodist Free Church in Sunderland, where ALL had been a member prior to joining the RAMC. Mr Mullins, Esther and Arthur Mullins are all mentioned occasionally throughout the diaries. 

5 April 1916; Wednesday

Visited Grandmother, Whittakers’1 and Jack’s. Mr Dill’s funeral in the afternoon and I went over to see it with Ernie. Met George Crawford2 who was in the procession. Climbed Ernie’s backyard wall to get in. Ernie took my photo3. Down to chapel at night and saw Mr Blott, Arthur Mullins, Billy and Edie and a few more.

Arthur Linfoot in Uniform
Photograph of ALL in uniform, with lance-corporal’s stripe, seated in a back yard; undated, but possibly taken while on embarkation leave, April 1916.
Ernie Linfoot in Arthur Linfoot's Uniform
Photograph of Ernie, ALL’s elder brother, apparently wearing ALL’s uniform and seated in the same back yard, possibly taken on the same day.

  1. “Whittakers'”: Willie Whittaker‘s family. Willie might not have been there, having enlisted in November 1915, although he was present a few days later. 

  2. George Crawford: a colleague of ALL from the Hendon Paper Mill, still working there as late as the 1950s. 

  3. While apparently taken in a back yard, there is no other evidence to suggest that the photograph of ALL accompanying this entry (top) is the one taken by Ernie on this day although a very similar photograph of Ernie himself (bottom) also exists in a family collection. See also Family page

25 April 1915; Sunday

At chapel in the evening. Slept in in the morning. Mr Mullins preaching in the morning and Mr Hewitt at night. At Sunday School as usual. Had short walks. Fine day. Aeroplane over three times. Went to Whittakers’ to tea. Fine night. Willie appeared at chapel in khaki.

31 January 1915; Sunday

At chapel and class as usual. Had Ron Haynes’† class and men† and had some trouble. Mr Mullins on the desk as Dick is unwell. Reverend Arthur Strother preached and was very slow in his delivery. Charlie sang a piece from “St Paul”. There was some trouble about his book and some misunderstanding†. The German submarines sunk some British ships in the Irish Sea1.

  1. On 30 January 1915, U-21, the first U-boat in the Irish sea, captured Ben Cruachan (a collier) and two other ships. Ben Cruachan was scuttled some 15 miles north-west of Morecambe Light House using explosive charges set by U-21 crew. See World War 1 at Sea – Royal Navy Vessels Lost and Damaged at Naval-History.net 

31 December 1914; Thursday

Not much to do at work. Tom brought his gramophone over at night. I received 5/6 Christmas bonus. Charlie at work from 5.35 train until about midnight. Went to the Watch service with Ernie and Joe after finishing the letter to New Zealand. Mr Chadwick and Joe Speed spoke and Mr Mullins prayed. Pretty good service. I had walk round the town. Walked through Garrison Field with Joe.


20 December 1914; Sunday

At chapel at night and at School as usual. Walked round the streets first thing because I was too late for chapel. A bit trouble at night through Miss Bigwood taking it into her head to assist the carol singers without consulting the choir. We sang “And the Glory” rotten†. Mr Mullins preached in the morning and a stranger at night because Mr Chadwick was ill again.

13 October 1914; Tuesday

Not much to do at work. Went down to the chapel at night. Pretty good meeting. A whole lot including Mr Mullins, Dick Crossley and Joe Speed “reconsecrated” themselves. Walked round with Joe and discussed Mr Mathews and his methods. Felt pretty dead† off and not inclined for any work.

Belgian Government removed to Havre.

23 August 1914; Sunday

At chapel and School as usual. Mr Blott preaching and preached very well. I had Arthur Mullins’ class. Grand day. Newspapers out telling of the loss of Danish and Dutch vessels on mines. Mrs Chadwick spoke to me about the Adoption Society. Collections at chapel for the Prince of Wales Fund and £4.11.0 collected.

Japan declared war on Germany 1.

  1. Japan sent Germany an ultimatum on 14 August 1914, which went unanswered; Japan then formally declared war on Germany on 23 August 1914. 

9 August 1914; Sunday

At chapel and Sunday School as usual. I had Esther Mullins’ class and played for the last hymn. My turn for the children’s service. Mr Riddell preaching in the morning and Mr Victor Ingleson at night. Willie Marshall playing again. Had special prayer meeting at the close of the service for the war. Cruiser “Birmingham”1 sunk German Submarine U15 in the North Sea.

  1. Birmingham”: Tyne-built 1914, scrapped 1931; U15’s engines had failed off Fair Isle, Birmingham shelled her but missed, so rammed her and she sank with all hands: the first submarine ever sunk by an enemy warship. Birmingham was later at the battles of Heligoland and of the Dogger Bank