1976 Transcription

In the mid-­1970s (probably 1976), Arthur Linfoot produced a typescript transcription of the daily entries for 16 June to 23 August 1916 inclusive, together with a more continuous typescript narrative headed “Battle of the Somme” covering the period 16 June to 8 August.

Arthur Linfoot’s version of his diary pages for 16 June – 23 August is not a completely exact transcription, as it includes some matters which are definitely not contained in the shorthand record but which he nevertheless clearly remembered, and there are also a few minor omissions which he evidently considered unimportant. He himself prefaced his transcription with this note:

“This is written from a diary which, in times of stress, was often written up at intervals of several days, and is therefore not by any means a complete record of everything that occurred. Actually some of the incidents recorded I cannot remember and some incidents which I clearly remember are not recorded. It indicates rather than tells in full detail, what occurred in those hectic days.”

Arthur Linfoot’s free transcription is shown on this side interleaved with my literal transcription. There are therefore two posts for each day between 16 June and 23 August 1916.

Arthur Linfoot’s continuous narrative covering 16 June to 8 August 1916 is reproduced here:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

DL July 2016