In addition to the names of people, Arthur Linfoot frequently mentioned the names of places in his diaries.

In order to offer some further context for readers of the diaries who are, perhaps, unfamiliar with many of the places recorded by Arthur Linfoot, we have assembled a number of maps which you can find through the links below. Each map shows places cross-referenced to one or more diary entries. You can also download KML files for use with external applications such as Google Earth or Marble.

Further maps will be added to this index at regular intervals until the final diary entry to be published on 31 December 2018.

Links in the list below are to the detailed maps.

Civilian Life

  • Sunderland, Arthur Linfoot’s home town before and after the war – Map | KML
  • Bowes, where Arthur Linfoot spent his holidays in 1914 – Map | KML
  • St Andrews, where Arthur Linfoot spent his holidays in 1915 – Map | KML

Army Career

  • Sheffield, where Arthur Linfoot was first sent in July 1915 after volunteering to serve with the RAMC – Map | KML
  • Alnwick, where Arthur Linfoot was sent to continue his army training in October 1915 – Map | KML

Active Service

  • June 1916 – Arrival in France: Map paddle “F” marks Le Havre, first port of call of Karnak en route to Rouen – Map | KML
  • July 1916 – Somme Area: Map paddle “G” marks Fricourt, the location of a ruined château where Arthur Linfoot spent some time during the early part of the Battle of the Somme – Map | KML
  • August 1916 – Ypres Salient: Map paddle “H” marks Méteren, the location of an army hospital where Arthur Linfoot worked from August until early October 1916 – Map | KML

2 thoughts on “Maps

  1. Just looking towards the end of the year, are there any plans to publish his diary as a book?

    My life for the past 4 years at 1800 has been to read the latest entry, starting to get withdrawal symptoms.

    1. Thank you for expressing your interest in the Diary. Arthur Linfoot would have been very pleased (and rather astonished), and your remarks have very kindly rewarded the work of transcribing, creating the blog, and compiling the supporting material. We intend that the complete diary, with notes, maps etc, and with a small number of generally minor corrections, will remain accessible on the internet after 31 December 2018. We don’t yet know whether we will produce it in book format, but we anticipate that we would communicate any decision about this on the blog.

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