16 October 1918; Wednesday

Up at about 7 o’clock and on duty. Wet night and day. Had to move our beds in the night owing to the rain coming through the roof. Heard that the Belgians had advanced further and taken prisoners and guns. Had some music at night and turned in about 9 o’clock. Had long talk with old artilleryman in the ward.

13 October 1918; Sunday

Up at about 7 o’clock. Heard that we were to move again and moved off about 11 o’clock. Arrived on the etcetera1 of Cambrai near Proville2 before dinner and took over billet with an organ in it. Billy Truman and I were moved over to the hospital in the afternoon and slept there at night. Spent afternoon preparing hospital.

  1. This shorthand outline is exactly as ALL writes “etcetera” elsewhere; he must surely have intended “outskirts”, or a similar word. 

  2. Proville (B): SW. suburb of Cambrai, about 4km from centre and 4km E. of Fontaine-Notre-Dame (A). 

10 October 1918; Thursday

Up at about 7.30. Rather dull morning. Troops moving up. Moved off after dark and arrived on the borders of a wood near to La Fontain N D1. Bivouaced out at night and put up tents for the officers, in the dark. Good news from the front.

  1. La Fontain N D: Fontaine-Notre-Dame (B), 4km NE. from G.-lès-H. (A), 6km W. of Cambrai; Michelin square K7.