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All diary entries written in March 1914.

30 March 1914; Monday

Got up about 7 o’clock. At work in good time. Fine day. Got some boxing gloves at work. Finished in good time. Billy and Bob had a go and Billy got his eye blacked. I had a go with Bob later on. Mr Aitken came when they were just commencing. Got all missionary money in with the exception of John’s. Played piano. Had singing lesson. Played some duets. Went out last thing. Went to bed early.

27 March 1914; Friday

Busy all day. Went to the organ at night and didn’t manage very well. Met John Wilkinson and Chapman and talked to them a bit.

The Jews’ chimney on fire and Joe was in putting it out1. We didn’t go to bed until after midnight.

Joe commenced nice work at Dr Todds’.

  1. “Chimney on fire”: most people seem to have been accustomed to performing minor tasks which Jewish neighbours could not do on their Sabbath, which began at sunset on the Friday; a chimney on fire seems rather more than ordinary. 

24 March 1914; Tuesday

Got up about 7 o’clock. Drilled. Finished in good time. Played piano then went to the practice. Fairly good practice. Another quartet to be taken by Charlie, Willie, Harriet Hand† and Edie Hunter. I played one game ping-­pong and lost. Mother up at Manorfield1 seeing about a business. They want £40 now for it and only make about £1 profit. Dr Blair paid us last visit.

  1. Manorfield: presumably a street or district in Sunderland, but not identified (if correct); cf. footnote, 13 February. 

22 March 1914; Sunday

Got up about 9. Drilled. At chapel as usual. Played in Bible class for Willie. Mr Harrison spoke. Sherwood Spain appointed secretary to the Bible class and I promised him I would help him. My turn for the children’s service again. 4 of us down and we managed pretty well. Played piano a bit. Had short walks.