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All diary entries written in December 1916

31 December 1916; Sunday

Up about 7 o’clock and on duty as usual. Kept busy all day. Managed to get away at 7 o’clock at night and went to the Y M service. It was very good and the parson preached from the text “Fear not”. The last hymn “For all the saints” went very well indeed. Slept out the year. McGowan was drunk and made a collection to buy some bottles of beer.


  1. It was ALL’s habit to write “THE END”, or some variation thereof, on the last day of each diary; q.v. 1914, 1915

28 December 1916; Thursday

Up as usual. My first free day off. Spent it at the Y M writing letters to Mr Eaves, Sister Annie1 and home. Heard a speech and a bit of a debate in the Y M last thing.

  1. Sister Annie may have been a deaconess associated with one or more churches in Sunderland, including the South Durham Street United Methodist Free Church, where ALL was a member. Her name continues to appear in the diaries occasionally.