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All diary entries written in February 1918.

26 February 1918; Tuesday

Up about 6.30. Relieved at about 8 o’clock and went to Bapaume 1 for a walk. The town is absolutely in ruins. Returned back about dinnertime. Went to bed after dinner and lay in for tea. Walked at night up to the concert hall but were too late. Went on duty at about 7 o’clock.

  1. Bapaume (B); 7km WNW. of Haplincourt (A). 

24 February 1918; Sunday

Up about 7 o’clock. On parade at 9.15. On fatigue all day cleaning out hut for dispensary. Put on night duty. Went up to service but were just in time for the finish. Sat up until midnight and then got down to it.

Met Leishman1.

  1. Leishman: 73063 Corporal John Leishman of the RAMC, an old comrade of ALL’s from Sheffield, first mentioned on Easter Monday 1916 while ALL was stationed at the Hillsborough barracks. Sadly, nothing is known about the circumstances of this meeting with Leishman. 

23 February 1918; Saturday

Up about 7 o’clock. Packing up in the morning. Paraded at 2.30 pm and marched off about 3.15 to Haplincourt1. Vile billets. Received letter from Gertie.

  1. Haplincourt (B): 3km N. of Rocquigny (A). 

19 February 1918; Tuesday

Up at 3 a.m. Paraded at 4 o’clock and went off in cars to Haplincourt1 crossroads. Got lorries from there to Achiet2 and train from there to Amiens3. Arrived at Amiens about 9.30. Holman taken rather badly. Had good breakfast and then visited the cathedral. In the afternoon visited the museum and were taken round by a Y M man – a very tactful and clever man. The sculpture work was the most magnificent I have seen, and the pictures were very wonderful. Thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the museum. Had tea and got train about 5.50. Arrived back at 9.45, very tired. Gertie’s Birthday.

  1. Haplincourt (if correct; B): 3km from Rocquigny (A), 5km E. of Bapaume; Michelin square J7. 

  2. Achiet: probably Achiet-le-Grand (C; there is an A.-le-Petit nearby), 5km WNW. of Bapaume, Michelin square I7. 

  3. Amiens (D), about 50km SW. of Achiet-le-Grand.