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All diary entries written in June 1914.

30 June 1914; Tuesday

Just† had much better dinner. After dinner all the family trained to Lartington and walked to Cotherstone. Fine day. Charlie and I went up to the leap† at the top of the moors. Filled in time with bagatelle and reading Strand magazines1.

  1. Strand magazines: monthly magazine, 1891 – 1950; contributors included Conan Doyle, E W Hornung (writer of the ‘Raffles’ novels), W W Jacobs, H G Wells, Agatha Christie, E Nesbit, Dorothy L Sayers. See also: Arthur Linfoot’s Library 

29 June 1914; Monday

Hottest day this summer. Walked with Charlie to Cotherstone over moors, and back by Lartington to B. Castle1. Train back from Barnard Castle home at about 6 o’clock. Had grand day and were tired at night. Began to play with bagatelle board.

  1. The map shows the entire journey, from Bowes (A), to Cotherstone (B), via Lartington (C) to Barnard Castle (D). See also Bowes map

28 June 1914; Sunday

Got up late. Didn’t go to church until night when Charlie and I went to the Wesleyan anniversary. Singing was awful. Had 3 walks, up moor in the morning, round the south side in the afternoon and at night. Met old farmer and talked with him and his wife. Fine day. Liked the place all right. Wrote to Ernie.

27 June 1914; Saturday

[Written in longhand above date -­] Advance in wages. Went to Bowes.

Got up at about 7.30. Family went with 9.13 train to Bowes.1 I worked until 12.30 and then rode home on bicycle. Hurried up to station. Met Charlie there. Travelled with him. Left Sunderland by 1.26. Arrived Bowes 6 o’clock. Spent time in Bishop Auckland and Barnard Castle. Fine day. Had short walks at night. Went on to moors last thing. Received advance in wages from Mr Scott. 30/-­ per week now. Bowes is a small village built on the main road to Tebay. The houses are mostly stone. It stands high. The air is good and the village very quiet and pretty.

  1. The map shows the beginning (A) and end (B) of this journey. Bowes is in Teesdale; the places mentioned are nearly all identifiable on large-­scale maps. See also Bowes map

26 June 1914; Friday

Got up at 6 o’clock. Went to the baths and had a good time. Finished in good time. Luggage sent on. Made official arrangements last thing. Had walk out. Very unsettled. Not much to do. Fine night. Went up to the library and left a book there.

25 June 1914; Thursday

A bit row first thing about the letters being left. Edward turned over new leaf and helped us a bit. Finished shortly after 5 o’clock. Fine day. Had a bath at night and put up papers ready for going away. Walked down and saw Sherwood <Spain> and had long talk with him on the step.

21 June 1914; Sunday

Continuation of Anniversary. Pretty good services and the evening service well attended. Mr Chadwick thanked Blaikie and didn’t mention Willie, and Willie was playing * afterwards. It thundered in church at night. We had short walk and went to Whittakers’ to supper. Talked until nearly 11 o’clock. Willie and Lily in to supper too.