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All diary entries written in January 1917.

28 January 1917; Sunday

Up as usual at 7 o’clock. Had two to look after and a lot of trouble. The DMS1 came round unexpectedly in the afternoon and told me off about some dirt outside one of the tents. Said I was incompetent and must be taken off the job. Sergeant Powell told me afterwards it was too rotten. We laughed over it at night. Received postcard from Mrs Inwood to say that Franchie was in an isolation hospital asking me to write.

  1. DMS: Director of Medical Services. 

23 January 1917; Tuesday

Received orders that we were to be relieved at 11 o’clock. Relieved shortly after midday and marched off to Maily. Maily1. Had tea, left a few packs and a few of us marched round to Acheux2. Slept in a marquee. Very cold.

  1. Maily: Mailly-Maillet? (A). 

  2. Acheux: Acheux-en-Amiénois? (B), Michelin square H7, 11km NW of Albert on Doullens road; 6km from Mailly-Maillet.