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All diary entries written in July 1918.

31 July 1918; Wednesday

Arrived at Auchel at about midnight and Truman and Simmons, Cox and I detailed for night duty and guard. I got down at 2 till 4 and 6 – 8. Walked round village in the morning and looked in the church. Saw one of our old clients. Slept during the afternoon and went to the pictures at night. On duty at 8 o’clock. Sat up until 11 o’clock. Then turned in. Jerry over bombing as usual.

30 July 1918; Tuesday

Up about 7 o’clock. On duty all day. Orders to pack up and clear patients and packed during the afternoon. Packed all up during the day. Fell in at 9 o’clock near the transport park. Marched off about 9.30. Marched pretty fast but had one long spell. Arrived at Auchel1 about midnight.

  1. Auchel (B), whence ALL had come to Bourecq (A) on 20 July

27 July 1918; Saturday

Up at 7 o’clock. Rain most of the day. Wrote letter home and one to Ernie. Received letter from Harvey. Did a little French and washed some clothes. Heard of the Coventry strike1.

  1. There was an engineering and munitions strike in Birmingham and Coventry in July 1918, caused by ‘the embargo’: a Government prohibition of the employment of additional skilled men in specified firms; it applied to very few firms, and was not generally known until a misleading notice by one of the affected firms drew attention to it. The strikes ended after a week, when the Government announced that those still on strike on 29 July would have their protection certificates withdrawn, making them eligible for conscription. 

24 July 1918; Wednesday

Up about 7 o’clock. On duty at 8 o’clock. Fine morning. Pretty busy especially at dinner-time owing to dentist being here. Finished at 6 o’clock and went down road a bit with Sergeant Powell and Billy Truman. Had a good talk with Sergeant Powell on after-war problems and the cause of the war.

A lot of bombing in the night and a German plane brought down not far away.