5 January 1914; Monday

Got up about 7.30. Drilled a short time.1 Got on very well at work and finished about 5.30. Got hair cut. Cold night and some snow falling. Mr Aitken went to Edinburgh2. Finished about 5.30. Went to Mr Chadwick’s after I had done a bit homework and arranged about missionary business. Blaikie3 there. We stayed until pretty late.

  1. “Drill” was probably as taught in Board School PT; ALL continued to do it until middle age. 

  2. William Robertson Aitken, born in Dunbar on 19 March 1873, was manager and company secretary at the Hendon Paper Works. His trip to Edinburgh may have been in a personal capacity, not a business one, as he evidently had family there. His death is recorded on 20 September 1917 and his funeral took place in Edinburgh on 25 September. 

  3. Blaikie occurs frequently, written with or without the final vowel – so it could be “Black”; but I have assumed “Blaikie.” (DL)