21 March 1914; Saturday

Got up in decent time. Finished about 1.30. Had short walk in the town in the afternoon. Went to the King’s Theatre at night and saw “The Daughter of the Regiment”. It was very good but not so good as the pieces I saw previously. Willie Marshall and Willie Whittaker with me. A crowded house. Wet changeable day. Ulster Crisis very acute1.

  1. “The Ulster Crisis” refers to the first signs of Protestant opposition in Ireland to the Home Rule legislation of Asquith’s government, which was followed by widespread gun-­running and civilian armament; and to the “Curragh Mutiny” by British Army officers in Dublin, who announced that they would resign their commissions rather than lead military action against the Protestant opposition to Home Rule (see 23 March.) Although these troubles were put into suspense by the outbreak of WW1 in August 1914, it was never considered possible to introduce military conscription in Ireland. The Dublin uprising ensued in 1916.