18 August 1914; Tuesday

Busy all day Finished rather late. 60 tons gone out.

Heard of Gen. Grierson being died 1 [sic]. He died of heart failure in France. French capture Saarburg2.

Went down to play for Mr Lawson’s meeting. Shook hands with him at the close of the meeting. He is leaving on Thursday for home in Leeds. Felt very much off form.

Scarcely any soldiers left in Sunderland.

  1. Haig and Sir James Grierson commanded 1 and 11 Corps respectively, and crossed to France together on 16 August. Grierson died of natural causes on the 17th; replaced by Gen. Smith‐Dorrien. 

  2. Saarburg: then in Rhenish Prussia, just N. of Lorraine, near the (then) French border; an early and somewhat deceptive French success.