1 November 1914; Sunday

At chapel and School as usual. Mr Chadwick preaching. Managed pretty well at School. Stormy day. Sacrament at night. Had only short walks. Received news of the loss of the Hermes1 off Dover. Sunk by a submarine.

Germans sink “Good Hope” & “Monmouth”2 off Valparaiso.

  1. HMS Hermes: cruiser, the first RN vessel to be fitted for carrying and launching seaplanes; she had delivered some to Dover on 30 October, and while returning to the Solent next day was torpedoed by U-27 off Ruylingen Bank, in the Straits of Dover. 

  2. HMS Good Hope and Monmouth: heavy cruisers sunk at the Battle of Coronel, W. of Valparaiso; there followed (8 December) the Battle of the Falkland Islands (a British victory). See 5 November for news of these events reaching ALL.