21 May 1915; Friday

At work as usual. Very busy all day. Frank1 back to work. Played the piano a bit. Submarine AE.2 2 lost about this time in the Dardanelles. Daily Mail attack on Kitchener3.

  1. Frank had been sent home on 17 May

  2. The AE2 was an Australian Navy vessel; she sailed to Australia from Vickers Armstrong on delivery in 1914, then the longest voyage by a submarine, but was then towed back to the Mediterranean. She operated for five days in the Dardanelles before surfacing due to mechanical trouble, was damaged by a Turkish torpedo boat and was scuttled, all her crew being captured; the only Australian Navy vessel lost due to enemy action in WW1. 

  3. The Daily Mail famously attacked Kitchener, blaming him for a shortage of shells during the shell crisis of 1915