7 June 1915; Monday

At work as usual. Busy all day. Took down summary. Fine day. Mr Lawson in at night.

Sub. Lt. Warnebrooke brought down a Zeppelin near Bruges12 . Success at Dardanelles.

  1. The name ‘Warnebrooke’ is clearly written in longhand, but appears to have been an error, on the part of ALL or of the report on which he relied, and should have been written as ‘Warneford.’ Sub-Lt. Reginald A J Warneford RNAS, based at Veurne on the Belgian coast and flying a Morane-Saulnier Type L over Ghent, on 7 June 1915 destroyed airship LZ37 by bombing it in the air. He was awarded the VC and Legion d’Honneur, but on the same day as receiving the latter (17 June) was killed in a flying accident. 

  2. More recently Reginald Warneford has been the subject of some controversy, apparently arising from a decision not to include him in the series of new memorials honouring those awarded the VC during the First World War which are planned to mark the centenary. According to The Telegraph, only VC winners born in Britain are to be included – Reginald Warneford was born in India.