16 June 1915; Wednesday

At work as usual. Busy all day. Finished in decent time. Went over to the Tyne with Hoggetts & saw the damage done by the air raid1. Train to South Shields, walked to Tyne2 Dock, car3 to Jarrow, and train from Hebburn back again.

Visited the Tyne. Reggie Bailes4 left the Office.

  1. Air raid: See yesterday’s entry

  2. The shorthand clearly has “town” and “town dock”, but “Tyne” and “Tyne Dock” must be right. 

  3. “Car” means “tram-car”, as usual. 

  4. “Reggie Bailes”: evidently another work colleague who may have joined the war effort. As of 12 June 2015, Lives of the First World War lists only four people with that name. One of these served with the 6th Durham Light Infantry but without any further clues – and, sadly, there are none – it would be pure speculation to suppose that this was the same Reggie Bailes.