26 February 1916; Saturday

On parade as usual in the morning. Read a bit in the afternoon. Met Betty at 5.30 on the High† Road. Snowed pretty heavily both when I was waiting and when we were together. Sheltered behind a tree in the High† Road, and then again in the plantation at the foot of the High† House Road. Talked a good many things. I told her about our family and she told me about her people too. Elder sister married and in Glasgow, brother at the front. Other sister school teacher and younger sister at home. Brother younger too. Grandmother died recently. Told me that she had knocked about with a chap for 3 years and he went to the front. I said was he gone 1 and she said yes. Left her at 9 o’clock. Had a pleasant night.

  1. “Gone”: Possibly a euphemism for “dead”,  presumably having been killed in action?