7 July 1916; Friday

This is an extract from Arthur Linfoot’s own transcription of his diary, written in 1976.

Hauled up at 7 o’clock and told we should be on parade. Grabbed biscuits and got a drink of tea and marched off to the ruined chateau; a new place. Very heavy bombardment going on. Marched from dressing station up the line and our guide got lost as usual. Hopelessly mixed and Paddy and I carried a stretcher with two regimental bearers. Had to cope with a man who was mad with shell shock. A man died as Paddy and I carried him (I was at the back). Convulsions, sick and died. Carried him to relay post at old German front line. Sergeant there swore at us for wasting time on a “stiff” and threw him over into the old No Man’s Land. We are in the Heligoland Redoubt Land trenches and where parapet blown down get occasional glimpses of far country behind Albert. Carried all day. Just before dark Captain Johnson met us xxxx directed us to a dugout to rest until daylight. All day many troops moving through trenches and making stretcher bearing in the narrow space very difficult.