20 July 1916; Thursday

This is an extract from Arthur Linfoot’s own transcription of his diary, written in 1976.

Don’t know where we are. Near the Line as artillery all round. Put in new squad; Bascombe, Houghton and Hall. Tossed up for who should sleep on stretcher and I won. Got a blanket and slept well from 4 to about 7 a.m. Had breakfast at 9 and washed and shaved. Near a noisy 6” naval gun. Watched masses of infantry, endless field guns and 8 or 9 heavy guns draw by tractors go towards the Line. Aeroplanes swarming overhead. Once counted 22. Saw one shot down. Saw German field gun being brought back. Received orders to move but these were immediately cancelled and we stayed all night. Found out we are not far from Chateau. Rather to the right of it. Slept well.