22 July 1916; Saturday

This is an extract from Arthur Linfoot’s own transcription of his diary, written in 1976.

Up at 5 o’clock and marched off. Felt pretty jaded to start with. Walked past Mametz Wood and on to Bazentin Wood. Bascombe and I left at the East Lancs. Aid Post. Had breakfast (cooked ourselves). Other two of our squad – Houghton and Hall – there. Took down a man on our backs. I ran some messages. Very heavy shelling and machine gunning towards and after dark. Returning from the East Lancs. Post to the Post in Bazentin Wood met a Jock with an ugly wound in his thigh. Carried him on my back until we lost the cover of the bank from machine guns. Trench crowded with troops so stayed on top. Shell very close and filled our lungs with fumes and eyes with dirt. Got too far along trench (on top) and took him to Kings Own aid post by mistake. Got back to our post by light of flares and gun flashes.