2 January 1917; Tuesday

On duty as usual. Harvey’s turn off. Kept busy all day. A man with a temperature of 103 at night. CSM1 had a temperature of 103.22 and was delirious. We moved him to the hospital at the top of the village in the Ford car at 10 o’clock. Rain a good part of the night.

News of Russian retreat in Roumania34.

  1. CSM: Company Sergeant-Major. 

  2. 103.2 °F is c. 39.5 °C; a moderate fever. 

  3. In late 1916, the Russians began sending numerous reinforcements to Moldavia to prevent an invasion of southern Russia, significantly reducing their presence in Romania. Southern Romania fell into the hands of the Central Powers. See Romania during World War I at Wikipedia. 

  4. See also note on 30 August 1916 re spelling of Romania.