6 February 1917; Tuesday

Up at 7 o’clock. Busy all day as usual. Finished about 7 o’clock. Had a man very ill with pleurisy and had him taken over to the building.

Billy Truman got other three leave cards with another at the billet last thing.

Heard that President Wilson1 had withdrawn his ambassador and that Count Bernstorff2 had been given his passport. A lot of talk of war between USA and Germany.

  1. President Woodrow Wilson broke off diplomatic relations with Germany on 3rd February 1917 following the latter’s decision to re-introduce a policy of unrestricted U-boat warfare two days earlier; see yesterday’s diary entry. The text of President Wilson’s speech to Congress announcing this development is available here

  2. Johann Heinrich von Bernstorff (14 November 1862 – 6 October 1939) was a German politician and the ambassador to the United States from 1908 to 1917.