6 June 1918; Thursday

Up about 7 and on duty at 8 o’clock. The Germans attacked in the morning but gained little or nothing. We were busy all day and had some very bad cases through.

Brewis, Preston & Harman killed1 and a few men went down wounded gassed. Had bath at night and changed shirt.

  1. 89034 Private Robert Ernest Brewis, 84720 Private T E Preston and 53797 Private Albert Hiram Harman were killed on this day and were interred at the same site as Sharpe and Lewis a few days earlier. Their graves were also later concentrated to Marfaux. See notes re concentration of graves on 3 and 4 June.

    Brewis had, evidently recently, been awarded a Miltary Medal (recorded here, after his death, on 29 Aug 18) but no citation has been found. He was evidently from Burnopfield, a village about 17 miles W. of Sunderland, although there is no suggestion that ALL had known him well.