17 January 1914; Saturday

My 24th Birthday. Got up rather late. Finished about 2 o’clock. Went up town for papers. Charlie bought me a stick for a present. Went to the Teachers’ Training Centre and heard a lecture on Buddhism. Went to the Picture House1 with Willie. Had to stand. Poor pictures. Rained heavily most of the night. Got home late. Tried to do bit Pelman2.

Submarine boat3 lost with 11 men in it.

Jack Cook4 died.

  1. “The Picture House” was the name of the first dedicated cinema in Sunderland. It survived under this name until after WWII. Films were also shown in temporary locations, such as the Victoria Memorial Hall. 

  2. See note on 6 January

  3. “Submarine boat”: the A7, which failed to re-surface during an exercise, 16 January, off Rame Head near Devonport. 

  4. Possibly a relative of ALL’s mother; she went to Ashington to his funeral on 21 January.