25 January 1914; Sunday

Got up about 9.50. Too late for chapel. Looked up lesson. Went to Sunday School as usual. Got on pretty well. Chapel at night. Mr Chadwick preached. Very good sermon. The 5 towns1. Cornet solo “Lost Chord”2. Sang the anthem and a man sang a solo. Very windy. Joe’s hat and mine blew off in Amberley Street3. Hilda 4 to tea. Mr & Mrs Carney here. Joe got reply to an application.

  1. The Cities of the Plain (Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Bela or Zoar), or the Five Towns of the English Potteries? 

  2. “[The] Lost Chord”: very popular song by Sir Arthur Sullivan, of Gilbert & Sullivan fame. 

  3. Amberley Street: between White House Road and Mowbray Road, parallel with Salem Street. 

  4. See Hilda disambiguation page.