Cover ImageWhile Arthur Linfoot’s enthusiasm for Everyman is clear from his many diary entries which mention it, it is not altogether clear 100 years later exactly what Everyman was.

Cutting from "Everyman"
Arthur Linfoot’s letter in “Everyman” November 1917 – click or tap to enlarge.

One possibility is that Everyman may have been a column in a weekly magazine such as John Bull.

Alternatively, this may have been the magazine Everyman, founded by publisher J. M. Dent in 1912. Publication was temporarily stopped in 1917 and resumed under a new editor in 1929. The original editor from 1912 to 1917 was Charles Sarolea and, under his editorship, Everyman was a literary magazine favourable to the doctrine of distributism.

Arthur Linfoot’s first mention of Everyman was on 1 March 1914 and he had a letter published in it in November 1917 which, given Everyman’s hiatus starting at an unknown date during 1917, is the principal cause of doubt about this possibility.

The cover illustration above is of the magazine after its reincarnation in 1929 – we have not been able to locate a sample of a 1912-1917 copy.