4 March 1914; Wednesday

Got up at 8 o’clock. Mr Aitken away at London. Called round by the dock and got Father’s compensation money. Finished in decent time. Played a bit at night and then went down to Briggs’ and practised with him. Called for Willie and went to the Victoria Hall1 and saw Cherry Kearton’s Pictures of wild animals2. They were very good and interesting. Joe reporting3 at a meeting in the afternoon and got 5/-­ for it. Went to bed late.

  1. Victoria Hall: See note on 10 January

  2. Cherry Kearton: early wildlife photographer, recently (2013) re-popularised. 

  3. “Joe reporting”: Joe Wiseman wrote excellent Pitman’s shorthand; he and ALL did verbatim reporting at political meetings etc for practice, and evidently for income in Joe’s case.