21 April 1914; Tuesday

Got up shortly before 6 o’clock. Went for ride1 with Alf first thing. Went up Lady Byron’s Walk and back up the Stockton Road. Fine morning. Finished early at night. Played and read a bit. Went down and saw Mrs Scott about her son who has joined the Sunday School, and talked to her a good bit. Went to choir practice and it was rotten.

Charlie had a tooth out. Joe had his moustache shaved off.

Discussed choir practice for * Monday.

  1. “Ride” would of course be a cycle-­ride. There are a Byron Road & a Byron Street in Sunderland, but N. of the river; Lord Byron’s wife was Annabella Milbanke, of Seaham, so Lady Byron’s Walk (if correct) may have been in or near Seaham Harbour.