8 May 1914; Friday

Got up 7.30. Busy all day. Finished about 5.30. Played a bit. Did some Pelman1. Had a walk. Wet stormy night. Charlie up all day. Willie went to meet Lily2.

  1. Pelman: see note on 6 January

  2. Willie was William Wormold Marshall; Lily was Elizabeth Jane Linfoot, second of the six surviving daughters of ALL’s uncle, Charles Poulter Linfoot, who with his youngest brother William Gaylard Linfoot and their respective families had emigrated to New Zealand in July 1912 (a 7 weeks’ voyage in the 11,500-ton SS Remuera). Recent (2020) information from descendants in New Zealand reveals that Willie had gone to see Lily in New Zealand, probably in 1913, and Lily, by then aged 22, had travelled back alone for the marriage recorded in ALL’s diary on 10 June. The Remuera had sailed from London’s Albert Dock (a Mr & Mrs Gaylard of Worthing were among those seeing it off), so perhaps that is where “Willie went to meet Lily”.

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