1 June 1914; Whit Monday

[Written in longhand above date – ] Choir Trip to Haydon Bridge

Got up 5.15. Called for Charlie. Got 6.30 train to Newcastle. Got excursion train there for Haydon Bridge. About 27 in the party. Walked to Langley Castle and then on to the moors where we played handball. Got dinner and tea at the town hall at Haydon Bridge. Walked to Hexham in the afternoon. Played football part of the way. Visited Sele, abbey, and river side1. Got the 6 o’clock train back and had tea. Walked to the spa after tea. Left there about 9.30. Got home just after mid-­night. Charlie and I set Edie Horton, and Lou Pearce home. Edie Hunter and a girl called Mary Smith sick and Jimmy Oliver. Mary Smith lost her purse with 7/9 in it and we subscribed to make it up. Charlie with us. * at Hexham. Scalded foot last thing with some boiling water.

  1. The Sele is an open area in the centre of Hexham.