5 June 1914; Friday

Didn’t go to baths on account of bad foot. Busy all day. Finished early. Went for Charlie and called for Willie on the way to meeting. Mr F.E.Smith1 at the Victoria Hall2. He spoke about 1¼ hours. Had a lot of interruption especially from a woman in the gallery. A crowded house. He made a good case, but didn’t finish his speech on account of the heckling. Enjoyed the meeting.

  1. Mr F E Smith: 1872 – 1930; Solicitor General, then Attorney General, 1915 – 19; Lord Chancellor (as Lord Birkenhead) 1919 – 22; Secretary of State for India, 1924 – 28; deeply involved with Unionist Ireland -­ possibly the subject of this speech. 

  2. Victoria Hall: see note on 10 January