16 October 1915; Saturday

Paraded at 12 o’clock and left Sheffield by the 1.40 train for Alnwick. Travelled first-­class from York to Newcastle. Had the company of Sergeant-­Major Ford all the way. Arrived at Alnwick at about 7 o’clock. The sergeant and a corporal met us and marched us to the rest camp. Had cold water and jam and bread. Got our hut selected and our beds.

Left Sheffield & arrived at Alnwick12.

Alnwick Camp, Hospital, WWI, postcard

  1. The only WW1 Army camp known (in 2013) to the staff at Alnwick’s Bailiffgate Museum was on The Pastures on the N. bank of the Aln facing Alnwick Castle, which is indicated on the map above; photos show the Northumberland Fusiliers there in bell-­tents. ALL’s photos show wooden huts; there would have been room for these on The Pastures site, though perhaps there was a separate R.A.M.C. camp. See also Alnwick map

  2. The photograph, from Bill M on Flickr and not from ALL’s own archive, shows the wooden huts of the miltary hospital on the Pastures site at Alnwick, c. 1916.