21 November 1915; Sunday

At Presbyterian Clayport123 church morning and evening. Had Calthorp with me in the morning, and with Green at night. Had short walk after church, and came back to the Y.M. service. Walked up the road with the party from Clayport but were too soon†.

  1. Clayport Presbyterian church merged with St. James Presbyterian church, Alnwick in 1955. The latter still exists as a United Reformed church and now houses a WW1 memorial plaque originally located at Clayport church. 

  2. Clayport church is now converted to a private residence, Sheraton House (marked on map), and is a grade II listed building. See also Alnwick map

  3. ALL refers to Presbyterian church several times during his stay in Alnwick although rarely naming Clayport. It is probable that at least some of these anonymous Presbyterian churches were also Clayport.