16 March 1916; Thursday

Up at 7 o’clock. On fatigues as usual. Got out early and got the 5.15 train to Morpeth1. Black set me to the station. Betty waiting for me. We walked up by the river side2. It rained pretty heavily. Talked a bit nonsense. Sat beside a gate a good bit. I told her that I loved her, and asked her if she loved me and she said she did. I promised I would have nothing to do with girls and would not forget her, and she promised she would not forget me. She showed me the brooch I gave her. My train was prompt and so I had to leave her on the platform. I kissed her before I got into the train.

At Morpeth.

  1. Morpeth is a town in Northumberland about 20 miles south of Alnwick. 

  2. The River Wansbeck