22 April 1916; Saturday

On parade in the morning. Went to Mappin Art Gallery1 and saw Raemarker’s [sic] cartoons2. Had tea at the Y.M. and then went to the Victoria Hall and heard W.H. Jude3. He was very good.

  1. Mappin Art Gallery, now Weston Park Museum. See Sheffield map

  2. Louis Raemaekers (1869 – 1956) was a Dutch painter and editorial cartoonist for the Amsterdam newspaper De Telegraaf during World War I, noted for his anti-German stance. A collection of his cartoons is available at The Project Gutenberg. Carreras issued a set of cigarette cards showing Raemaekers cartoons in 1916. 

  3. William Herbert Jude (1851 – 1922) was a composer and organist – sometimes called “the most brilliant organist of his day”; wrote operettas, nautical and other songs, but especially hymn tunes and other sacred music. He was presumably giving an organ recital at the Victoria Hall, rather than speaking.