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Diary entries written while Arthur Linfoot was in Sheffield during his basic training and while waiting for his deployment to Northern France. See also Sheffield map.

30 May 1916; Tuesday

On parade most of the day receiving kit and suchlike. Went to town and bought a brooch for Franchie. Returned to Inwoods’. Went out with Franchie to Five† Ridges1 to pick daisies. Gave her the brooch. Mrs Inwood gave me shaving material and some cakes. Stayed pretty late. Wrote in both autograph albums and birthday books. Left 11 o’clock.

Went to bed about midnight.

Last night in Sheffield.

  1. “Five Ridges” doesn’t seem likely, but I can find nothing on the map to which the shorthand could be stretched. 

27 May 1916; Saturday

On parade in the morning as usual. Went to Inwoods’ for dinner and missed train through being late. Went by bus to Hallam Gate1 and walked to Wharncliffe Cross. Fine day but thundery at tea time, but we had splendid day and walked back. Played games and asked conundrums on the way back. Leishman and I went for bread and had some cakes given to us. Stayed until late. Had grand day out.

Leishman put off the draft.

  1. “Hallam Gate” is uncertain: there is a Hallam Gate Road, 1 mile W. of city centre, but this does not sound like an urban walk, and it is nowhere near the Wharncliffe Hospital. There is a Wharncliffe Wood 3m. NW from the Inwoods’ (Broughton Road, Hillsborough), perhaps a good walk back, and the “Hallam” might instead be something to do with nearby Great Hollins Wood.