2 May 1916; Tuesday

Got up about 5.40. Slept a bit before breakfast. Wrote letters and didn’t go on parade. Received letter from Don. Paraded in the afternoon and received arm Red Cross. Went out at night. Sent parcel1 home, had hair cut and did a few things. Returned to barracks early with Green.

Zepp. Raid2.

Turned out shortly after lights out. Had to go to Cinderhill† police station. Stayed until 4 o’clock and listened to the men and policemen talking.

  1. The parcel would have contained any possessions not allowed in France (except the Diary!). 

  2. According to The Diary of the Great War at the web site of the Western Front Association, five Zeppelins (including L20 and LZ98) raided Yorkshire, Northumberland, and Scotland on 2 May 1916: about 100 bombs dropped. 9 killed, 30 injured.