17 August 1916; Thursday

Up at 6.30. Dressed hurriedly and went on waggon to Baileul1 No 1 C.C.S. Waited all morning. The dentist looked at my tooth and asked me to call again tomorrow. Had dinner at the C.C.S. and returned about 4.30. Had tea. Saw †staff bod† who told me I had to commence in the hospital on Saturday. Listened to band in the town. Went with Duggins to a little café behind the hospital and had some coffee and custard. A girl there talks very good English and got to know all our Corps names.

  1. Baileul: ALL always omits one ‘l’ from ‘Bailleul’ in his longhand; the transcription follows this, but where he writes it in shorthand, ie phonetically, it is transcribed with the correct spelling.