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26 August 1916; Saturday

Worked outside in the morning at the dining hall. My afternoon off. Went with Duggins to Baillel [sic]. Walked so far and then jumped on the back of a motor lorry. Had a good day. Posted a few postcards. Went to the Y.M. and played the piano. First time since I have been in France. Went to the pictures and enjoyed them. Rode back in horse ambulance. Charlie Farr, Sam Hall, and Corporal Salisbury† in and they were all pretty well drunk. Had a good day.

22 August 1916; Tuesday

Up at 7 o’clock. Kept busy all morning washing floor. Had afternoon off. Received letter from home telling me of Chadwicks’1 departure. Read some of British Weekly. Had eggs and coffee and custard for super.

  1. Rev. Chadwick had been a minister at the South Durham Street United Methodist Free Church, of which ALL had been a member prior to enlisting. Rev. Chadwick was first mentioned on 4 January 1914, and again on many subsequent occasions

19 August 1916; Saturday

Up at 6.30. Dressed and cleaned up in the hospital. Took over duties at 7.30. Managed pretty well. Only 3 patients in the morning but 9 at night. Came off duty at 6 o’clock. Went into village and listened to band. Called at the café near the hospital and had some coffee and custard. Turned in about 9 o’clock and slept pretty well. Very heavy showers in the morning.

17 August 1916; Thursday

Up at 6.30. Dressed hurriedly and went on waggon to Baileul No 1 C.C.S. Waited all morning. The dentist looked at my tooth and asked me to call again tomorrow. Had dinner at the C.C.S. and returned about 4.30. Had tea. Saw †staff bod† who told me I had to commence in the hospital on Saturday. Listened to band in the town. Went with Duggins to a little café behind the hospital and had some coffee and custard. A girl there talks very good English and got to know all our Corps names.