23 October 1916; Monday

Brickfields near Albert
Brickfields camp – see footnote 3

Up about 7.30. Helped in the ward a bit. Packed up things and moved off shortly after dinner. I rode with two divisional patients as bus-man in the first car and the others marched. Arrived about 2 kilometres from Albert1. The M.G.C.2 man and I walked to a Y.M. hut but we got nothing to eat so had some tea. Waited by the fire until about 6 o’clock when the rest came up. Slept in a tent† and had a good night.

Brickfields Camp W3

  1. The map shows the start and end points of this journey, Val-de-Maison (A) and the approximate location of the Brickfields camp at Albert (B). Source

  2. M.G.C.: Machine Gun Corps. 

  3. The Brickfields, an old brick factory on the outskirts of Albert, was used as a large billeting area by Allied troops. Its close proximity to Albert and the front line made it an ideal position for soldiers to stay in makeshift shelters for short periods of time. The Photograph – ‘Brickfields near Albert’  – is from Museum Victoria and not from ALL’s archive.