9 November 1916; Thursday

Up shortly after 6 o’clock. One case in before 8 o’clock. Went off duty at 8 o’clock. Slept all morning. Went with ambulance waggon after dinner and collected 10 sick men from the Loyal North Lancs1 and took them to Buzincourt 2 (59). Returned home in time for tea. On duty at 4 o’clock. 4 men in at different times during the night. Pretty rough night with aeroplanes bomb dropping and shelling and anti-aircraft guns. We slept in the tube3 but were called up every few minutes and had bad night. One man was dead when received here. Didn’t see him.

  1. The 7th Loyal North Lancs were in 56th Brigade, 19th (Western) Division. 

  2. Buzincourt: Bouzincourt (A), 3km WNW of the Brickfields camp (B); Michelin square H7. “(59)” presumably means a 59th Field Ambulance station. 

  3. “tube”: the shorthand looks like “tube”, but I don’t know what the tube would have been.