3 June 1917; Sunday

Up at 6.30 as usual. Kept busy all day. Off at night and went to the Y M service. Enjoyed it very much. Had short walk round afterwards. Eric Hardy, Wishaw, Billy Truman, Lennie *, Peter Simmons and Ernie1. Excellent town.

  1. “Ernie”: While the other men are listed here as Firstname Lastname (or in one case just Lastname), Ernie’s last name is not mentioned, suggesting familiarity. This Ernie was probably ALL’s elder brother, who was serving with the RGA in Northern France at this time, although this seems a little odd given that ALL wrote a long letter to Ernie the very next day, which does not seem consistent with ALL having met Ernie in person so recently. However, we do know that ALL and Ernie did meet in early July 1917 and were, apparently, exchanging letters frequently at this time. See also Family page