9 August 1918; Friday

Up all night and rather tired. Heavy shelling round about but none too near. Relieved about 9. Read some of The History of Mr Polly1. Up with diarrhoea a few times during the day.

Heard that the British have advanced to Ruyaulcourt2 and taken 17 thousand prisoners and 250 guns.

New number of the magazine out.

Turned in to sleep from 3 am to 6.

  1. The History of Mr. Polly: 1910 comic novel by H. G. Wells. See also The History of Mr. Polly and Arthur Linfoot’s Library

  2. Ruyaulcourt (if this is correct): 12km E. of Bapaume, in the old Somme battlefield, retaken by the Germans in their March offensive; Michelin square K7.