31 January 1914; Saturday

Got up about 8 o’clock. Father not at all well. I telephoned for Dr Blair and he said Father has influenza. Hurried over to the cup tie game and Sunderland won Plymouth Argyle 2 – 1. Went to lecture at Trinity1 by Mr Catto on Israel before the Exile. Had walk to Roker with Willie at night. Received birthday card2 from Hilda.

  1. “Trinity”: possibly Holy Trinity Church, Bishopwearmouth. 

  2. This card, especially as it was 14 days late (and see also the entries for 1 and 4 February), was presumably from Hilda Linfoot in New Zealand, the fourth daughter of ALL’s uncle Charles Poulter Linfoot, who with another uncle, William Gaylard Linfoot, and their families, had emigrated on 25 July 1912