16 April 1914; Thursday

Got up at 7 o’clock. Grand morning. Not very well. Easy1 day. Finished at 5 o’clock. Played the piano a bit. Read. Called at the dock at dinner time for father’s compensation money. Pupil came at night and I stayed with him. Wrote to Ernie and posted it last thing. Went to bed about 11 o’clock. Felt a bit dizzy.

  1. Illustrating the difficulties of transcription: ALL’s usual entry was “Busy day”, but the “b” and “s” strokes sometimes, as here, run together into almost a single arc: “s”. Elsewhere only a dot for the final vowel, after the stroke, is marked, though there should also be a dot before the stroke, for the first vowel; here, exceptionally, a first vowel is clearly marked, and for this reason, together with the ambiguity of the curved stroke and the fairly early finish at 5.00, I have transcribed the word as “easy”. (DL)