2 August 1915; Monday

Up at 5.30. No parades after 9 o’clock inspection. Went to the ramble after dinner. We went to a farm house in the Worrall1 district. There two soldiers, 3 women†, Miss Inmore2 and some other people. Had rain at night, but we had a fine time. I walked home with Miss Inmore. Called in at a Mr Taylor’s during the rain and played and his daughters sang. With Hillsbro’ Wesleyan Church Guild Ramble.

  1. Worrall (B): (then) a village W. of R. Don, 2 miles NW. of Hillsborough (A), 4 miles NW of Sheffield city centre. See also: Sheffield map

  2. “Inmore” changes to “Inwood” on 8 August, evidently referring to the same family. See page: Church – Who were they?