24 March 1918; Sunday

Up at 6 o’clock. Repacked waggons, struck tents, dumped a lot of stuff. Made ready to go to a dressing station down the road but the order cancelled at the last minute. Left after about 3 o’clock and after a long march arrived at Achiet-le-Petit1 at about 6 o’clock. On duty in hurriedly-put-up dressing room until shortly after midnight. Slept badly.

Ordered to fall in shortly before 4 am. Packed up and moved off and arrived at Beauquuy at about 7 am.2

  1. Achiet-le-Petit (B): 7km WNW. of Bapaume (A); Michelin square I7 (see also note on 19 February). 

  2. More lines of shorthand crossed out by ALL; see yesterday’s note.