25 March 1918; Monday

Up at 6 am and marched off before breakfast at 6.30. Arrived at1

Up at about 3 am, fell in at 4 and marched to Beauquuy2. Commenced to pitch tents but order cancelled before they were up. Went into village and had breakfast at some house and fitted up a dressing station. Worked morning and very busy in the afternoon. Had to carry some of our stretcher cases a few miles to the nearest cars. Returned and found our party gone. Found out where they were going and followed and caught them up. Arrived at Hébuterne at about 9 pm. Got down to it3 and slept well.

  1. Another deletion, probably for the same reason as the previous two. 

  2. Beauquuy: presumably Bucquoy (B), 3km NW. from A.-le-Petit (A); thence to Hébuterne (C), 6km SW.; Michelin squares I7 and H7 respectively. 

  3. “Got down to it”: Lay down to sleep, as elsewhere in the diaries.