7 September 1918; Saturday

Travelled all night in truck and arrived at Rouen about 9 o’clock1. Left our things at a rest camp, had dinner2 at a restaurant and visited the town. Went through St Ouen’s church3 and up the tower, and through the cathedral4. Pleasant day. Moved off at 9 o’clock at night to Paris5.

  1. ALL arrived at 9:00am, having travelled all night. 

  2. “Dinner” means “lunch”, as usual. 

  3. Saint-Ouen Abbey Church is a Gothic church in Rouen. It is famous for both its architecture and its Cavaillé-Coll organ, described as “a Michelangelo of an organ” by Charles-Marie Widor, which would doubtless have been of some interest to ALL (himself a capable organist) although he makes no mention if it here. 

  4. Rouen cathedral; the other famous Gothic church of Rouen. 

  5. The map shows ALL’s continuing journey, from Rouen (A) to Paris (B), where he eventually arrived on 8 September.